Kids Parties

Ivor the Magic Man is an experienced children’s entertainer in Cornwall specialising in children’s party entertainment. His lively magic show contains good strong visual magic with an emphasis on audience participation. The show includes a very entertaining puppet routine (this has won several talent shows over the years). It concludes with balloon modelling, with a feature model for the birthday child. Afterwards all the children can receive a balloon model. If The full “Magic Party” is required, after a break Ivor will become the “Games Master” and the fun continues!

Options –

Package A) – 45 Minutes Children’s Magic Show, including a great puppet routine and a fun balloon modelling routine, with a feature model created for the birthday child. Lot’s of audience participation, variety and interaction throughout.

Package B) – 60 minutes, Package A + a balloon creation for all the children and a fun game to conclude.

Package C) – The Magic Party 60 + 30 minutes, includes all of package A+B plus party games with all the prizes included. It consists of traditional games that the children will all know and love, plus many others, that will keep the youngsters entertained. All the games have been adapted so that no-one is eliminated. Balloons feature heavily.



How long have you been interested in magic?

At 14 years old I was the youngest ever member (at that time), ever allowed to join the Leicester Magic Circle. I am now 64 and have just taken early retirement, which gives me the time to return to my first love of entertaining.

Short answer – Over 50 years. If I am not good at what I do by now, then I have no business being here and should stick to being a hobbyist.

Take us through your show – what can we expect?

The show consists of entertaining comedy magic, varied to suit the age groups being entertained. Strong magical content is interlaced between the fun routines. Lots of audience participation is involved, so that the children are part of the show rather than just observers.

The featured puppet routine is delightful, very funny and this has also won a few adult talent shows over the years. There is a feature routine that includes the birthday child as an assistant (only if she/he wants to help), nobody is ever embarrassed in any way, that is not my style.

The balloon modelling routine is very entertaining, and a feature model is created and given away to a helper, another large sculpture (pre-made) is presented to the Birthday Child, or VIP.

Depending on the package booked, all the children receive a balloon model. If the full party is required, all the party games are organised, gifts and prizes are included (the food is not provided). The games that everyone knows, and loves are played, but without the elimination factor and also great games that will be new to the guests. Balloons feature heavily. A great mix of sitting down and moving around items are included.

What do you love most about your job?

In my opinion children are the best possible and most challenging audience, their honesty and sense of fun, encourages me to always give my very best efforts. A children’s show is always an exciting event and you never quite know what to expect. If you are not entertaining, then the little ones will soon lose interest and find another amusement.

The real art of children’s entertainment is to walk that tightrope between too much excitement (and lose the control) and not enough (and lose the interest). To be successful you need good, strong, visual, but above all entertaining magical effects and routines, with lots of variety to keep the children engaged throughout.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Having taken early retirement from a successful career, I now have plenty of free time and decided to return to this absorbing art as a full-time profession.

Why should our clients choose you?

I will let someone else answer that because I am a modest person. In the words of an 8-year-old after a recent show, “You are the best magician I have ever seen, and I really mean that”.