What’s in a name?

Ivor the Magic Man! How can anyone possibly end up with a stage name like that? Simple! My name’s Ivor and to the children I entertain, I am the Magic Man. I didn’t think of it. Many moons ago I saw a poster advertising my show at a local fund-raising event and I thought it was awful, how embarrassing, but slowly it grew on me. It sounds better than “Ivor the Magician” or “Uncle Ivor” or “Ivor the Magical Entertainer, who doesn’t practice enough to call himself a Magician” doesn’t it?

Maybe not!

The number of times I have walked into a room full of children to do a show and the first child to see me, shouts out to the other guests “The Magic Man’s here”, they never announce “The Magician is here”. Magic man is easier to pronounce, it also means the same. Come to think of it, they never shout “the hopelessly inept prestidigitator is in the room”. Not until after the show anyway.

When people phone me with an enquiry they often sound amused when they say is that “Ivor”, pause, “the Magic Man?”. “Yes,” I reply with a laugh, “daft name isn’t it, but that’s what the children call me. Before even going into my sales spiel, I have created some amusement and interest. That can’t be bad. Someone once said on the phone “I called you first because the name sounded nice”.

So, I’ll stick to being “Ivor the Magic Man” for the children, but for adults? I don’t think so. “Ivor Harris”? nope! sounds like a paint brush. How about “Rovi” no! too late for that old reversed name lark. How does “Ivor the Terrible” sound? It describes my act perfectly. Never mind….

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